Warehouse and Storage

Warehouse and Storage Services

We have big size warehouse purely dedicated with inventory managed with warehousing of various household goods, commercial goods as well as machinery. Our warehouses are well equipped with motion sensing and surveillance cameras for security purpose, protected and well marked for inspection even by our clients. We have more than 500000 square feet Warehousing capacity in India. We have separate warehousing spaces for household goods and Industrial goods as well as separate warehouse for inbound and outbound goods. we are providing flexible Storage facilities to our customers. Our network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square meters around the globe, means that we can offer a broad range of services with door-to-door cargo integrity.

Many of our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, pallet, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. Direlco Packers and Movers warehousing services will also save you money in terms of

  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Free Storage Facilities
  • Household Goods Storage
  • Commercial Goods warehousing
  • Cold Warehouse & Storage
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Lower Container Storage Costs
  • Lower Demurrage Bills