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Packing and moving
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Do you only carry full loads?

No, Part Load or groupage is large part of our business, because most of customers have Less Than Truckload. But it is depend on customers requirement, if they want individual truck for carrying the goods. We provide full truck to them.

What weight can you carry?

we can carry 10 kg minimum and there is no upper limit.

Do you carry hazardous goods?

No, we are not carrying any hazardous goods at any cost.

Do you carry household goods with commercial goods or any equipments?

No, we don’t share household goods with other goods. which can damage the goods.

What are my responsibilities during the packing moving process?

Provide documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book for your vehicle moving and also your ID like as: Pasport, DL, Voter ID etc.

What areas do you cover?

There is no restriction for service areas. we can serve anywhere in the world.

Are your vehicles equipped with any form of communication device?

Yes our vehicles equipped with GPS and our driver reporting  three times in a single day.

Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

In spite of our utmost care, some inevitable natural calamities like accidents, fire, riots or sabotage etc can cause damage to your goods. so we recommend you that you should insure your goods.

What is insurance coverage based on?

On the declared value of goods. Our supervisor make a list of your stuff as packed. You should declare the value according the packages/items.

Do you use same packing materials like others?

DirelcoTM provide special wrapping and packing materials. Availability of certain materials vary by area, but in general we have a number of specialized cartons for the common items such as books, toys and normal home contents. In addition, most locations have both flat and standing wardrobes for clothing. One of our favorite is our Essentials box which is used for furniture hardware, remotes cables, etc. No matter how unique the item being moved, we can provide the right packaging.

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